May 11, 2016
May 11, 2016
Laura is Assistant Professor of Environmental and Peace Studies at Naropa University in Boulder Colorado where she teaches social entrepreneurship; she also teaches for Sustainability and Social Innovation Residential Academic Program at CU Boulder. Based on a South African Fulbright, she produced Building Peace from Within: Community-Based Peacebuilding in Africa. Her book Lost Girl Found about Sudanese refugee woman was published in 2014. Before coming to Naropa, Laura worked at CU Boulder, Princeton University, University of Vermont Burlington and as a Peace Corps teacher in Kenya. She received her undergraduate degree in economics from the University of Virginia. Laura’s research, teaching and consulting focuses on the cross-cultural aspects of sustainable development, ethnographic methods and fieldwork, social entrepreneurship and social innovation, human dimensions of conservation, and community-based peace building in Africa. Laura serves on the board of the Africa Research and Exchange Academy, Arrive Kenya, the Dare Women’s Foundation in Tanzania and Watson University social entrepreneur scholars.